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Autonomous Drones for First Responders

First responders have some of the most difficult jobs on the planet. On a daily basis, they put their safety on the line to protect our communities. The use of public safety drones holds enormous potential to help first responders accelerate emergency response and gain privileged situational awareness from a safe position.

Skydio, the leading American drone manufacturer, believes the responsible use of drones is the core of any public safety mission and we bake responsible engagement into our DNA. We developed the Skydio Engagement and Responsible Use Principles—a groundbreaking set of policy and ethical principles to guide our work and drive the industry forward. We also partnered with DRONERESPONDERS—the leading association focused on first responder drone programs—to develop the "Five C's" of responsible drone use by public safety agencies.

Now comes the second installment of the Skydio Original Series, Autonomous Drones for First Responders. It tells the story of first responders facing four different missions, from fire fighting to search and rescue and law enforcement, highlighting what happens when public safety operations are conducted with the support of an intelligent drone capable of providing actionable aerial intelligence.

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